DVR: Dinosaurs vs. Robots

Countless eons ago, an intelligent race of super-machines roamed the universe, searching for the next step in the development of sentient life. Orbiting a small yellow star, they found a world suitable for biological life, and began exploring. Finding there a mighty breed of savage lizards, the machines began to put their mettle to the test against these ferocious creatures. The war was on. After years of fighting, the carbon based creatures proved to be a match for the silicon based machines in combat prowess, destroying one for every of their kind that was slain. The silicon intellects began to wonder. What if neither the sheer strength of the reptilian breed, nor the perfect intellect of the machine-mind was enough to insure the survival of life. What if a middle ground should be reached. The machines began to work on what was to be the next step in assisted evolution, while the phyrric war between metal and flesh raged on. At the end of the conflict, just as the last dinosaur and the last robot fought to a horrific end, something wonderful happened. Out of the empty labs of the machines walked the children of a new race altogether: Man.

Ok, so I've been putting many hours into this piece, working on it on and off for quite some time. Anyway, I thought the old version had too good a concept simply to explain in a sketch, so I give you the new one. Lots of new brushes were created for this piece, mostly for foliage and the rocks. I do hope you like it.

Phew. Too much work. Now I'm going to go play games :P

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  1. When is the movie suppose to be made? I like it and a good piece of writing too!