A concept for the force projection tank, my idea for a futuristic weapon. This massive thing is basically a battleship that's not limited to water. The hull itself has armor two feet thick, and the skeleton is jointed and segmented, allowing it to flex as it moves over varying terrain.

The main cannon is not a conventional weapon in any sense. The turret area is filled with sensors that analyze targets for structural weaknesses. Once determined, the cannon projects an array of force-fields on the target, each with a different vector and strength. Then, the force-fields are released, ripping the target apart. In essence, the the force-fields act like a fist, crushing a pop can in a split second. While each field has a small surface area of about a hundred square inches each, the power they exert allows them to level city blocks or crush tanks with ease. The system is equally effective against air targets, quickly snapping off wings or crushing the crew, depending on the tank commander's malice. The weapon generates an enormous amount of heat, so ground troops are advised to stay well out of the hundred yard danger radius during weapon operation.

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