Heart of Darkness

Having just read Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, I was motivated to capture a sense of the oppressive heat and untameable wilderness that the book so effectively describes. Here's my effort. The book follows a maddening journey down an unnamed African river on a steam boat full of cannibals and "pilgrims." On different bends of the river, company men would come out of their outposts and watch the boat go by, seemingly trapped in their isolated stations.

The boat is modeled after the real life steamboat that Conrad worked on when he was a professional sailor. The basic shape was rendered in 3D and imported into photoshop, where I combined it with some new foliage painting techniques I'm working on.

Thanks for looking; enjoy!


  1. I would like to use your image of "Heart of Darkness" for educational purposes, specifically as an illustration for class and in my syllabus (i.e. not for publication). Would you please share with me the date of creation so that I can properly cite your work? Thank you for your help, and thank you for your creative work.

  2. Beautiful! I was precisely wondering how Marlow's ship looked like and I have been delighted to find your suggestion!

  3. Looks fantastic!!! You're able to capture this kind of sort of adventurous feel that the old tales create for me. With attention to detail and such. It's a microcosm that blows wide open once you enter.
    Well done. Greetings from Berlin.