I just finished reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The White Company for the second time, and loved it so much that I had to figure out what the characters looked like. The book is set in the Hundred Year's War, and follows the exploits of a jolly (and fearless) band of archers. The characters are all as interesting and likeable as any in fiction, and their interactions are a true joy.

I listened to the whole thing on Librivox http://librivox.org/the-white-company-by-sir-arthur-conan-doyle/ while I was painting, which made the whole experience a delight, despite the daunting challenge of having to do justice to such great source material. If I have done only a fraction of what the book deserves, I'll call this project a success.

The characters are, from left to right:

Alleyne Edricson. newly released from a monastery to seek his fortune.

Sir Nigel Loring. Esteemed knight, top notch mentor.

Samkin Aleward. Loquacious, Skirt chasing archer, ace marksman.

Hordle John. Jovial Ex monk of inexorable strength.

Sir Bertrand du Guesclin. English hating chevalier with great courage.

The Lady Tiphaine. Wife of Sir Bertrand who has been given the gift of foresight.

Sir Oliver Buttesthron. An old comrade of Sir Nigel's. Medieval foodie.

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  1. Very Nice work, Jeremiah! I've just finished reading the book again after many years and I really like your take on the characters. I haven't heard the audio version on librivox. How did you like the way the reader in the recording did? Did (s)he have a particular accent? Also, I'm curious: how did (s)he pronounce "Alleyne"?
    - Santa Monica Dave