This one was made in about 2 hours I think. It was a blast to paint, and I hope you find it interesting.
I should really be mattepainting, but these new brushes I made got me hooked. They're great fun to use, and can quickly render scenes. The benefit of making your own brushes is that you know exactly what they are good for. I've got cloud brushes, bark, leaf, and grass tool too.


  1. I love the colors in this. How do you usually go about making your own brushes?

  2. I find pictures online, ones with simple backgrounds that I can reduce to white. Then I put them in photoshop, convert them to greyscale, making sure they will make a clear image, (whatever that may be, grass, or bricks.)
    Then hit edit>>define brush preset. I then start painting with it, and adjusting settings in the brush window. Once I get results I like, I hit "define brush preset" or something like that in the brush window, and save my brushes from the pop down menu in the brush window.